Telangana International Seed Testing Authority (TISTA)
(An ISTA Accredited Laboratory)
Testing Services Offered:

The TISTA is authorized to issue Orange International Certificate (OIC) and Blue International Certificate (BIC) for the following tests:

Moisture Analysis :

Determines the moisture content of seed by routine methods using advanced equipment as per the suitability of crop seeds

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Purity Analysis:

Determines percentage of pure seed, inert matter, other crop, and weed seed present in the sample submitted for analysis.

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Other Seed Determination:

Identification is made of the other crop and weed seed found in seed samples and reported out at the rate of occurrence.

Germination Test:

Determines the germination potential of a seed lot which can in turn be used to compare the quantity of different lots and also estimate the field planting value

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In addition, the laboratory will also provide services for the following tests:

Substrate checks:

suitability of Paper towels used for germination tests.

Vigour Tests:

Determination of seed vigour by Tetrazolium Test (Tz), Accelerated Aging Test (AA), Controlled deterioration, Radical Emergence and Electrical conductivity test as per ISTA Rules for Seed Testing

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Seed Health:

Seed Health Testing for seed lots in Vegetables and Field crops with the methods based on the internationally accepted ISTA/ISHI such as Blotter Paper Method, Agar Method, ELISA, etc

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DNA/Molecular Tests:

Determination of genetic purity, varietal/parental lines purity and identification through DNA/Protein based markers

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